Placement Services

  • Sanra Solutions is a frontrunner in providing cutting edge technical services in multiple areas like Web Development, Client/Server Development, Database Management and so on. The extensive network of resources and technical expertise that we have built and maintained over time gives us a competitive advantage in the industry. Sanra Solutions recruits people using this large set of network with a focus on providing a dependable, and a low cost solution for an efficient management of business processes. Our services are designed to provide you with the opportunity and resources to improve your competitive positioning in the industry and to increase your stakeholders’ value thereby. Sanra Solutions has years of experience in providing placement services to companies. If you are looking for a way to reduce expenditure without compromising on the quality of service, let us help you achieve just that. We address both the problems concurrently; we provide economical resources with the confidence that well experienced and accomplished professionals are working on your behalf.

    Technical and Professional Screening

    Sanra Solutions optimizes your organization by handling all the touchpoints created in the hiring process. We not only identify, but also screen and interview candidates, to present you with only the best individuals who qualify well for the job and are a good fit for the organization. Our technical team interviews the candidates to ensure their skillset matches your requests. This allows you to screen the better out of the best and limit the number of candidates to the least at your end. Our consultants are dedicated individuals with right set of qualifications who will instantly become a part of your team and will contribute to the growth and development of the company. The objective of Sanra Solutions is to provide you with excellent expertise & technical solutions, the most qualified consultants, the best services, and the highest quality applications, such that you can focus and grow without distractions.

    Following are some of the areas that Sanra Solutions provides consulting and placement services in:

    » Service Oriented Architecture Design and Implementations
    » BPEL & Web Service Implementations
    » Database Design and Development
    » Product Quality and Analysis
    » Client/Server and GUI Application Development
    » Internet/Intranet Solutions
    » System Programming
    » System Software for Communications and Networking
    » System Administration on multiple platforms
    » Web Development
    » Report Development and BO Solutions

    But our services are not limited to only these areas. We shall be delighted to help you with recruitment in areas other than those mentioned above.